Three steps towards Body Intelligence


    Fitness results are achieved easily by some whereas some find it very difficult. We got to explore our body and focus on how it can be improved.

    According to Applied human science body intelligence also referred as BQ is a science of body awareness, body knowledge and body dealings.

    Body intelligence or the BQ too have different ranges like our IQ score. It can be sufficient, deficient or moderate. To know your range is important so as to know what and where to focus at. There are various advantages of high BQ.

    When we are fully aware of our body signals, its limits and capabilities, we are able to keep a check on over-exertion, or over-exercising or even our dieting patterns.

    Body knowledge of healthy lifestyle practices from reliable sources and professional consultancy saves us from risk of fixing on any supplements or diets.

    Lifestyle knowledge leads us to fitness, health and wellbeing.


    An intelligent body is aware of how to listen to the body signals so as to adjust to a situation and accomplish balance.

    How to listen to your body.

    • If a feeling of exaggeration and stress is felt, you need to take a break. Practice meditation and turn it into a habit.
    • Sleep enough to nourish it and follow a rational and practical eating and exercise.
    • Practice Mind body fitness programs like yoga, mind body connection.
    • And write down your daily journal of how your body feels every day.


    Updated Information on health from magazines, books, newspaper or net. Or even consult a health professionals to recommend some pattern or even some books and websites.

    Gain knowledge by Attending fitness health seminars and experience latest trend of fitness.


    Awareness and knowledge is to be brought into action. No excuse of Lack of time or workloads are to be entertained. To change our old patterns and follow a new routine with consistent engagement to achieve desired lifestyle.

    To follow a healthy habit, body awareness is the first pillar and the knowledge is the second pillar. It lays our groundwork to work upon. Always adopt a realistic lifestyle program based on food preferences, schedules and goal oriented. And be open to consult a friend, loved ones or experts.

    Time management practice ensures commitment and achievements.


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