7 Tips for Long-Lasting Relationships


Fall in love with your partner again and again…

Long-lasting love is attained by partners’ in-depth positivity in each other’s brain. Mind circuit and happiness of togetherness is the structure and essential part.

Tips for a long lasting love

1. Engage in Unusual Tasks and Surprises

Incredibly thoughtful action out of usual and adding surprises to a day; or even a loving note hinged up in the pocket. A Special Candlelight dinner on regular nights. Music with favorite inlays. Memory embedded tasks to take the breath away get the fragrance to life and relationships.

Giving a special touch regularly – calling up just to be with, engaging in a meal making, long drive, walks… anything that remains close to awareness.

2. Eye Gazing as New Couples

Just like love birds and couples who just entered into relationships glare each other, just do it. It deepens Love. These natural process keeps the romance alive and enhances lovemaking.

3. Discover Ways to Please Partner Sexually

Express the mutual pleasure engagements and see what turns on and keep experimenting. It enhanced the relationships and help them in keeping the relationship healthy. it not only keeps you young but also acts as antiaging or age reversal.

4. On Edge Actions

To rate up heartbeats to build excitement and life within relationships keep indulging in adventures and other play activities. Games keep you young and your relationship live. A rollercoaster ride, tracking, adventurous water slides or anything with a touch of danger, get the touch and feel of love.

5. Caring for People Your Partner Love

Showing love, care, and affection for the partners’ family and friends, a concern that the people who are of concern to you are important for me too.

6. Recalling and living moments of love

Give a voice to your love. Write poems, love letters or a loving note. Spending time watching love moments spent together and living them again.

7. Oxytocin – The Love Chemical

Oxytocin, the trust and bonding hormone is released into the brain while engaging in watching romantic movies together, holding hands, eye gazing, recalling beautiful times spent together. This keeps the heart full of love.

Love is the essence of life. Love is the source of energy. Love is the highest frequency we live in. Love is life and life is love. The fragrance of the blooming flower needs to blossom with light and care, connection to oneself and with the partner, mutually blossoms the relationships and living a life full of joy and happiness.



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