5 tips to stay fit for busy people


    So are you juggling with diverse activities and looking for fitness. Are you Living hectic schedules and facing the challenge to stay fit. So, this is for you. Are you Facing sluggishness due to lack of regularity in sticking to a diet plan and a good fitness schedule? Then you are in the right place.

    Fitness and diet hacks for professionals

    1. Eat healthy food @ Regular time interval

    Calorie rich and low nutrition food poses health problems like diabetes, weight gain, insomnia and even heart problems. It is necessary to stick to a strict routine and a healthy diet plan.

    • Prefer Intake of wholegrain in any form that is rich in fiber and keeps you full
    • Avoid starchy food
    • Replace middle day snacks with seeds or citrus fruits that cures fatigue and low energies
    • Drink water and plenty of liquids throughout the day
    • Avoid packaged food
    • Regular interval intake of smaller meals than three big meals

    2. Incorporate action in lifestyle pattern

    energetic workout and exercise are vital in routine. However, if your schedules do not allow you with a gym routine, give a try combining some activity with regular day schedules to stay fit and simultaneously increasing productivity.

    • Walking and talking while communicating on calls.
    • Take stairs and avoid lifts
    • Move from worktable and take short breaks
    • Take time to Stretch out during breaks

    3. Sleep enough

    Insomnia can lead to irritability, confusions, fatigue, memory issues.

    • Create and stick to a sleep schedule
    • Relax your body by listening to music, meditation, warm shower or reading a book
    • Avoid surfing
    • Eat early before sunset
    • Take a balanced diet, do not starve or stuff yourself up

    4. Deep breathe

    Juggling with multiple things at a time increases stress level. Practicing deep breathing helps in reducing stress and induces relaxation.

    Close your eyes and focus on relaxing every muscle with deep slow breaths. Practice anytime may it be at home, or at the office or even while commuting.

    5. Right posture

    A good posture with back inline allows breathing easy and effortless; increasing thinking and concentration ability. A good posture works out great for back and neck.

    • A good quality work chair with dense cushion and back support
    • Place both foot flat on the floor
    • Setting reminder for a posture check

    Following some basic hacks of fitness in your daily life can make a big difference in your lifestyle.




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