Live Your Best with the Top 10 Health and Fitness Tips


What is most precious for any human being – HEALTH. One’s whole life can ruin if one does not enjoy a good health. Well said is prevention is better than cure. To stay healthy and fit take care of some important tips in life. Hope you definitely have a thumbs up …

10 Top Health and Fitness Tips

1.Drink Water

Depending upon the conditions and each person, this might vary, but 12 glasses or 4 ltr of water is the basic requirement for the body to function. The amount of consumption required varies from person to person and on their individual lifestyle. Intake of fluids may be modified depending upon your activities, lifestyle and even on the environment, you live in.

To avoid any kind of disorder an appropriate quantity of water must be consumed regularly. It not only nourishes our body but mind, and is rejuvenates our skin too.

2. Exercise DailyAshwa Sanchalasana

To keep our body fit, it is necessary to exercise regularly. Walking is the best form of exercise and is good for our heart, body weight, food digestion, and even to overcome stress. Exercise burns our body fats and even boosts up our metabolism and keeps us mentally and physically active.

Doctors recommend to walk at least two miles a day for a normal being or as much comfortably one can walk depending upon one’s age, sex and body health. Other exercises like pranayama, swimming, yoga, jumping, stretching s can be done depending upon one’s suitability.

3. Follow a Balanced Diet and a Healthy Diet

Our body needs food to function properly. All nutrients fats, protein, vitamin, minerals, iron, carbohydrates all are required by our body in different quantities. Fruits, green vegetables, pulses, meat must be consumed in proper quantity and in proper combinations. As our body and mind are connected, a balanced diet and a healthy diet keeps one balanced and healthy at body level and at the mental level.

4.Sound Sleep

A sound sleep of eight hours is vital for a body to be fit and healthy. In absence of a sound sleep, one may incur disorder mentally or physically and may disturb the normal and proper functioning of our body. Stress causes to be a basic and major cause of insomnia.

Practice meditation to distress your mind, and relax your body. Yoga accompanied with meditation too can help in stabilizing our body and mind and help in stress out and get sound sleep.

5. Take Rest

The human body and its organs need to rest for it normal and balanced functioning. For a healthy body, it is not recommended to work continuously without giving rest as much as required depending upon one’s lifestyles, age, and sex. It is vital for the body to feel fresh, comfortable and full of energy and positivity.

6.Engage in Joyful Activities

Our mind is the control center of our body. For our body to work efficiently and remain healthy it is important for our mind to be happy and keep engaged in entertaining activities. To have a sound functioning of the body a sound functioning of the mind is essential. And the body needs activities that refresh our mind.

Being with friends, watching movies, clubs, sports center can be good options.

7. Sports

For a successful and happy life, it is important to indulge in any kind of indoor or outdoor games or activities. Games that look for physical energies accompanied with mental exertions are really good for a good health. Depending upon one’s interests and physiques one can indulge in any sports as per individual choice.

8. Cleanliness  and Hygiene

To stay clean is moral, religious and a base for a good happy mind and body. Water plays an important role in cleanliness and has a positive impact on body and mind simultaneously. Being clean and hygiene keeps up away from diseases. Maintaining personal, environmental and hygiene in food is a perfect way to stay healthy and fit.

9. Dress Up Smart and Comfortable

A dress that makes you feel comfortable must be chosen. A tight and uncomfortable may disturb your health and definitely have an impact on your work too.

10. Schedule Up Your Routine

Anything is useful and has its importance only at a particular time. Food, rest, exercise, sleep, enjoy all got to have proper time and schedules. That not only energizes one body, mind but also helps in having a beautiful lifestyle.

Basic lifestyle imbibed into one’s life can work wonders. All the best and may you all stay healthy and fit today and ever always. God Bless.



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