Water Therapy – A natural remedy


    Water Therapy – A natural remedy… A therapy to cure disease without intake of any medicine.

    Drinking water is good for health. Water is an enormous source of life. Water is essential for functioning of all the cells of our body properly. Life without water is not possible. Scientists have proved in their studies the benefits of drinking water. Drinking water empty stomach the first thing in the morning has amazingly miraculous natural health benefits.

    Scientists have proved that in minor ailments to serious diseases water therapy is successful. It has 100% cure of many diseases. It is a natural remedy for

    • Arthritis
    • Obesity
    • Body ache
    • Headache
    • Fast heart beat
    • Heart problems
    • Epilepsy
    • Bronchitis Asthma
    • Meningitis
    • Vomiting
    • Urine and diseases
    • Diarrhea
    • Gastritis
    • Piles
    • Diabetes
    • all eye diseases
    • Constipation
    • Cancer
    • Menstrual disorders
    • Ear-, Nose-, and Throat diseases

    A simple practice to drink water early morning…

    • Purifies the colon and makes easier for the nutrients to be absorbed.
    • Production of blood and muscle cells increases
    • Helps in losing weight
    • Boosts metabolism
    • Flush out toxins from blood making the skin clear and glowing
    • Balances lymph glands helping in better performance of daily activities, fights infection and balances the fluids in body

    How to follow Water Therapy

    • Drink 1.5lts of water empty stomach, the very first intake even before brushing teeth.
    • It To maximize the benefits, do not eat or drink anything one hour prior or after drinking the water.
    • Avoid any alcoholic the night before.

    You may start small if intake of 5-6 glass seems to be difficult in starting.

    Basic Water treatment not only cures diseases of sick but also helps in enjoying good health.

    Some diseases like

    • High blood pressure can be cured in 30 days.
    • Gastric problems can be cured in 10 days.
    • Diabetes can be cured in 30 days.
    • Constipation can be cured in 10 days.
    • Cancer can be cured in 180 days.
    • TB can be cured in 90 days.

    Arthritis patients should start with three days for first week and then follow daily.

    Intake of water is a natural remedy wherein the body treats itself. A regular practice of pranayama, meditation with this water therapy helps in raising our energies.

    This treatment has no side effects. It is super beneficial simplest technique or a therapy for maintain long term health.


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