Weight loss through yoga


Weight loss through yoga… A healthy lifestyle is what we actually crave for.

Our workloads and our hectic lifestyle becomes our building stones for our career, keeping our choice of activities and our priority for body a back bench in our routine life.

Stress filled environment is toned by clearing our craving for junk food that increases the beauty of our life ironically. Our tummy and thighs bloats up to burst out, making us feel not at ease, the first avoided and neglected symptom towards diseases. A small attention to a good diet and fitness routine may help us in our better performance and make us feel at ease that is healthy physically and mentally. Jogging, swimming, running, cycling, dancing, pranayama, meditation… so many ways to sweat out and burn out calories and lead  a stress-free life.

Yoga asanas is an effective alternative for weight loss for any age group without any hip hops. Yoga asanas not only reduces weight, but also helps in getting body and soul inline. That even results in mental peace and even reducing our stress level and in result building our self esteem. Yoga integrates our body, mind and soul.

Weight loss through Yoga… Attaining an ideal weight through YOGA…

Rishis and ascetics introduced yoga to connect with our souls and bringing harmony in body and mind connection. Maintaining and Healing the body the holistic way. Yoga and weight loss are closely related that have been un-seen. The causes of weight loss and the benefits of yoga co-incides with one another. Yoga helps in:

  • Detoxify and cleaning of our body…

Liver purifies our blood and the harmful chemicals and toxins are flushed out through this gland. It is capable of using good fat and eliminating the bad fats from our body. It provides energy to the body. Yoga enhances the functioning of liver and increases its vital force energy. Fruit and vegetable detoxifying diet plans also helps in cleansing our liver.

  • Controls metabolism…

Fats are burned out from our body at a faster pace by active and high metabolism. Thyroid gland function is corrected through yoga postures and controls our metabolism.

  • Stimulates Alkaline Level…

Our body has the tendency to store fats to protect itself from the acids. This process leads to visceral fat deposition and starts accumulating inside the blood vessels and our vital organs.

The pH of our body is maintained at a safe alkaline level through yoga postures.

  • Relieves anxiety and stress…

Weight gains through stress is one of the major reason. Our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system gets balanced through yoga by relieving stress and anxiety.

  • Burns out fats…

The heat created through yoga activates the nervous system making us feel warm. Systematic stretching activates our nerves and heats up and burns out our accumulated visceral fats of our body.

  • Uses fats as fuel…

Compression of muscles and Successive stretching keeps the body active. The fats are used as fuel with the activity of the muscle tissues.

Yoga poses AND asanas for weight loss:

Yoga poses tones and stretches our body parts and limbs and burning out calories by stimulating the body metabolism. The basic yoga postures for flat tummy and toned legs are …

  • surya namaskarSurya Namaskar – the sun salutation. The twelve different yoga poses that focuses on all the possible areas of our body. The postures of Surya Namaskar strengthens our skeletal system and releases stress and anxiety.


  • Warrior Pose – (Veerabhadrasana) warrior poseMountain pose followed by stretching one leg back and other leg going positioning at ninety degree and hands stretched right above the head. Can be followed by warrior pose two, bringing hands to front to the chest and straightening your stretched leg pointing outwards and other leg still at ninety degree with both arms stretched apart. This pose improves blood circulation and works on arms, back, legs and thighs.


  • chair poseChair pose – (Utkatasana) Putting the feet together, raise your hands above and stretch them, and bend your knees keeping your back straight and hold in this position. This pose tones our thighs and melts our tummy fats. It even strengthen and tones the hip, back, chest ankle and knee muscles. The lower back and torso are also strengthened by chair pose.


  • boat poseBoat pose – (Navasana) Lie down on your back. Get into a boat shape position and try hold it. The stomach muscles toss and kills the stubborn belly fat. A power pack for toning abs.



  • bridge poseBridge pose – (Paripurna Navasana) Hand stretched sideways folding your knees, spreading them out and raising your body up from pelvis area. Wonderful for hips, thighs, stomach and back.



  • butterfly poseButterfly pose – (Baddha Konasana) Sit with spine erect, knees bent, feet souls facing each other. Press the souls together and fly like a butterfly. This asana stimulates abdominal muscles and stretches inner thighs, knees and groins. It treats infertility, asthma, anxiety and depression.


  • locust poseLocust pose – (Salabhasana) lie with your face down with palms facing the ground. Lift up your legs and upper torso stretching the abdominal muscles, balancing on the tummy. The Hatha yoga posture. One of the best weight loss asana and enhances flexibility of back, arms and legs.


  • camel poseCamel pose – (Ustrasana) Sit on your knees and hold the heels with hands slowly one by one. Bending backwards and stretching out the chest and tummy and hold the position. Bets for weight loss, as it focus on tummy, back and thighs.

The Overall well-being and health issues work perfect when physical exercises and a proper diet goes hand in hand.



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