What is Meditation


What is MEDITATION…MEDITATION is a step for natural state of mind

When we talk about what is meditation, the first question that comes to our mind is mediation is done by saints or when one is getting old and is left with nothing else to do. but the fact is meditation is the basic need at any to all age group that increases our stability and efficiency.

  • Very simply defined in one sentence … Meditation is EDITING the ME inside.
  • A way to achieve the ultimate and un-expressible experience of happiness.
  • Meditation is a path of self-discovery and exploration.



Any problem arise in our life is : due to our own depleted vision; that is then reflected back to us; and starts effecting us in form of –

  • lack of focus
  • stress
  • and then attracting all dis-eases.

Meditation is a way to clear and edit our vision; and looking at the things in their purest form.

Benefits of MEDITATION

  • Bathing and cleansing inner vision and thoughts makes US think and feel beautiful; and that is the basic requirement of our being.
  • Meditation makes your mind calm and then focus is generated automatically.
  • It overcomes stress and inner peace and balance that already resides in …APPEARS.
  • Meditation helps us in understanding our own mind. And we now learn to transform our mind from negative to positive

Breathing forms the basic focus of MEDITATION…WHY

  • Our breath is the bridge that connects our body and mind. It is the only medium that gets affected by each other. Our breath can control our body and mind. Both are in connected and gets affected together. If our body is hurt our mind also gets affected and vice a versa, if out mind is affected our body also start getting affecting. So our breath being the medium to connect the both can get them back to balance.
  • With any change in emotion, may it be love, anger, jealous, anxiety… the rhythm of our breath also changes. The breathing pattern changes. By focusing on breath, and just by a vision of focus it returns to its original rhythm, getting us back to our own selves, feeling our body, getting back to our bodies, and the state of calmness and peace is attained.

Three steps in MEDITATION

  • On first step it clears our negativities
  • On second, the seeds are laid
  • On third stage, the positivity gets cultivated






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