Why to practice Pranayama


What Pranayama can lead us to…

Yog is a science. The eight limbs of Yog…

  • Yam
  • Niyam
  • Aasan
  • Pranayaam
  • Dhaarna
  • Dhyaan
  • Samdhi;

Wherein Pranayama gets one to oneness. Pranayama is the most important way towards self realization. Pranayama is much more and much above just to breathing exercise. Wherein; Prana means the life force energy and Ayama means to control. Pranayama works on all the level of body, mind and thoughts on its core getting the senses and the thoughts to awareness.


Generally the consciousness, the power and human senses and its oneness is towards the external world. According to Yogananda Paramhansa, till the time the material things and external world gives you happiness and you are in the waves of happiness and sorrow, the pure core of consciousness cannot be attained and felt.

To move above our senses and physical being and to reach the internal eternal beauty of stillness, Pranayama is a tool to achieve and retain the stage of stillness and eternal state of consciousness. Pranayama is the way to attain self-realization and GOD. The practice gets one to oneness and is a powerful technique to get within and be centered as and when desired.

The unwanted and unproductive thoughts, undesired and extra activities and sexual desires get settled and the energies are transformed and directed towards a focused aim of life … the reason why we are here on this planet. Thus, we are in a position to control our thoughts and as the energies are directed to the oneness with the universe Divine power and peace is attained.

The most simple method to Attain Consciousness…

  • To attain supreme consciousness pranayama is a great and simple method that can be practiced anytime anywhere without affecting our daily schedule at physical level. Pranayama gets our energy and thoughts in balance state.
  • Mantras can also be added with pranayama if desired. Breathe in with mantra and breathe out with the mantra. With this practice one attains internal peace and happiness and a feel of full completeness. And one starts noticing and feeling the energy shifts in one self.
  • Stilling our thoughts also gets us to a state of automatic Pranayama.
  • Focusing on a light or lit candle also enhances our focus and gets us rid of all unwanted undesired unproductive thoughts.

Who is watching us through our senses, who is working within… these thoughts too gets us to Pranayama. Thoughts are different than us. We are not thoughts and circumstances. We are ahead and different from them. We are one with universe and not circumstances. We are energy being. The same energy that is there all around.

Settling our roaming energies and getting them within…

Anulom vilom, Nadishodhan, Ujjayyee, Kapalbharti, Bhastrika, Bhramini etc helps us in settling our roaming energies and getting them within. Yog mudras with pranayama energises our kundalini energy and reaches eternal. Our internal power starts activating. And slowly we reach to the level of Samadhi. Self – realization tends to happen.

Pranayama should be practiced with a practitioner and be done under guidance.


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