YOG… for healing and wellness


Yog is the way out. The human body is the beginning and the end. Without a healthy, fit body, our lives are reduced to series of medical woes.

Health is a precious commodity that can be earned only by the Grace of God, but we need to make an effort. Our contribution includes right speech, behavior, and living in harmony with nature. In order to achieve health, we must understand ourselves. This begins with giving respect to our body and mind in a way that promotes healthy energy in or cells. It is not important that we live long but living with healthy, agile mind and body is meaningful. We must remember that Divine Grace is important for all that happens in our lives.

YOG is the Science of the union of Body, Mind and Spirit…

Yog is the Science of the union of Body, Mind and Spirit. Yog begins with self awareness, ends with total awareness of Reality or The Absolute Truth.

World is embracing Yog in a big way. Yog is great need of our time. Yog is preventive than curative. It’s practice prevents illness and hence should be regarded more as a health programme. Yog is not religious system but an art of living and also the wisdom of life. With Yog a new life begins, even if started late. Yog is a rebirth, that teaches over to face the rest of one’s life Happily, Peacefully and Courageously. It is never too late in life to do Yog. Yogic asanas, mudras, paranayam and meditation are the best means of serving body and mind.

Beginning the day with Yog can change our life and the life of those around us. If we are calm, relaxed, balanced, connected to Spirit that will carry to those that come in contact with us throughout the day. We and all our friends will all benefit with us.

Now the quality of life is in my hands.


Yog is for all. It does not matter how young, old flexible, strong, weak, fat, thin, in shape or out of shape, with chronic diseases or if one on wheel chair. Anybody and everybody can do Yog and Yog shall bring many positive benefits into our life.

WHY should we practice YOG…

The short answer is that it makes you feel better and keeps your body healthy. Living in positive thoughts and clean intention is road to Happy, Healthy and Successful Life. Yog has succeeded as an Alternative Therapy in diseases such as Asthma, B.P., Arthritis, Digestive disorders and other ailments of chronic and constitutional nature.


Yog has the potentiality to prevent heart disease.


Several scientific studies have shown that Yog can control risk factors for coronary heart diseases, can lower high B.P., elevated blood sugar, can improve emotional well being and induce relaxation.


Pranayam is a scientific method of breath control leading to better health for both mind and body. Breath is life. Breath is energy. Proper breathing is to bring more oxygen to the blood and to the brain and to control Pran as the Vital Life Force Energy. Normally our breathing is too shallow and too quick due to increased stress of modern living.

Scientific Study has revealed that lack of oxygen is a major cause of heart disease, stroke and cancer etc.


Positive thoughts develop higher emotions, such as courage, love, and contentment, which progressively substitute negative impulses such as fear, anger, jealousy or impatience. And the practice of meditation allows a mind to become still like a lake without waves, leading you towards inner peace.

THE GOLDEN RULES for yogic life…

  • Just think positive.
  • Know that your mind is the ultimate panacea for all diseases, physical and psychological.
  • So be the master of your mind through pranayam, meditation, as well as other yogic postures.
  • If you suffer from any ailment, condition your mind to cure them through the mind and the postures.


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